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Their Worlds

Find out how Astronimate can help you reach your students’ passion for science, in their own world!

Their Technology

Use technology in your classroom to help students develop life-long passion for science.

Their Path to Success

Astronimate helps students get on their own personal path to careers in science.


Being a kid is tough! Teachers and adults simply wouldn’t understand. Between homework, social status and every other pressure, who cares about science, right? Actually…everybody!

We are all stumbling through life, together. We are all attempting to determine exactly what our place is among this vast, mysterious existence, whether we know it, or not!

So, why wouldn’t we want to find the absolute best ways to reach kids in their own elements, and help them seek the answers to these life-long valuable questions?

Astronimate makes it easy for teachers to do just that: allow each child to discover their own, personal path to unlocking why the world around them is important, through science!


Our children are surrounded by technology. They are legitimately addicted to it. And, above all, they choose their own technological path that best suits their needs, where they feel accepted and comfortable.

But, what if you could use technology to help provide a path that encourages children to feel accepted, engaged and sincerely interested in science? You can!

Astronimate provides a digital world online where each individual kid can proactively nurture and grow their own interests. Using the technology they already know and love, Astronimate help kids find their own place within the cosmos and develop a life-long passion for science.


Such a large piece of helping a child find their own way involves giving them the keys and allowing them to drive!

From top to bottom, Astronimate put students in the driver’s seat, and allows them to pick which areas of science interest them the most!

Best of all, no matter which road they drive down, our content fits directly into your curriculum. This way, each student unlocks their own path to success.