How do we Know the Earth is 4.6 Billion Years Old?

Currently, scientists are quite confident in dating planet Earth at 4.6 billion years old. However, that is not to say we have not seen our share of shocking revelations on otherwise “bullet-proof” theories in past centuries (*cough* Earth-centered universe. (*cough,…

How Do We Know Exoplanets Exist?

  Since the early 1990s when the first exoplanet discovery was technically confirmed, we have thirsted to locate more and more. Now, nearly 3,600 have been confirmed, with another 4,500 awaiting confirmation! Actually, you can check mankind’s exoplanet hunt…

How Do We Know Black Holes Exist?

  Black holes are objects in space with gravity and density so strong, even light is unable to escape their grasp! Hence, the fitting name, black hole. Naturally, you might be asking yourself, “how do we know black holes exist?” After all, how do you “see”…

About How Do We Know?


From Galileo to Hubble Space telescope, photos to news headlines, humans are slowly unraveling some of the universe’s great mysteries! But, sometimes it makes you wonder, “how do we know?”

In many cases, scientific evidence is gathered without seeing anything at all! Instead, only pure mathematics can be used to predict things. After all, that was how William Herschel discovered Uranus (go ahead, you can chuckle)!

Plus, our human eyes can only see a tiny sliver of the many types of light. So, if we can’t actually “see” light wavelengths like X-rays or radio waves, how do we know they are really there? Never fear, you are not alone in asking questions like these. Actually, most of science’s biggest breakthroughs were the result of asking seemingly “simple” questions.

Most of Albert Einstein’s most notable findings began as thought experiments, where theories are tested through imagination, not physically! Indeed, science is the search for answers to our surroundings and existence. Whoa…heavy!

Above all, you probably are not looking to embark on a lifelong journey for answers. You are busy! Hence, Astronimate answers the universe’s most common questions in pure layman’s terms! No need to scour the Internet looking for answers when you can scan a lightening-fast article and get what you need, right?

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