SpaceX Explosion of Falcon 9 Rocket at Cape Canaveral

SpaceX Explosion of Falcon 9 Rocket at Cape Canaveral

SpaceX Explosion of Falcon 9 Rocket at Cape Canaveral

Rocket Originally Scheduled to Launch This Weekend

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL SEPTEMBER 1 – Space aeronautics innovator, SpaceX experiences an unexpected explosion of its Falcon 9 rocket this morning on a launch pad at Cape Canaveral. The Spacex explosion occurred during fire testing, leading up to a launch this weekend, NASA informed the Associated Press.

Destined to carry an Amos 6 satellite, a communication device for Israeli company Spacecom, the rocket was supposed to launch early Saturday morning. SpaceX routinely conduct static fire tests prior to each launch. In this test, the rocket is constrained as the engines are fired. Also, as one of SpaceX largest customers, NASA relies on the company to help deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

Air Force units for Cape Canaveral are currently on-scene investigating the explosion that reportedly rattled houses miles away. Investigators report that there are no known casualties in the SpaceX explosion, nor any concern for public safety. Responders are still on the scene closely monitoring air for potentially toxic materials.

Bystanders described the initial explosion as lightening, followed by several more blasts. Other reports described their houses rattling miles away from the blast site. Within any reasonably near vicinity, the SpaceX explosion was hard to miss. Giant black plumes of smoke are still swirling into the Florida skies. Earlier photos from whitnesses on Twitter show initial flames mixed in with the smoke clouds.

Investigators are also uncertain as to whether the Israeli Amos 6 satellite suffered damage. Often, during pre-flight testing, transport payloads are not aboard the rocket. But, currently the location, damage and future of the satellite are still unknown.

Leadership for SpaceX is expected to provide public statements later in the morning after the blast site and all concerns are further mitigated. Astronimate will continue providing further details as this story progresses.

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