Top 10 New Horizons Pluto Pictures

Top 10 New Horizons Pluto Pictures

Top 10 New Horizons Pluto Pictures

NASA’s New Horizons mission left Earth during January, 2006. Then, Pluto was still considered our solar system’s ninth planet. Now, a decade later, we enjoy breathtaking images each week.

Then, as the spacecraft approached the ice realm, the world stood still, in awe. Finally, close approach took the craft within 7,000 miles of Pluto. Yet, at nearly 4.6-billion-miles from home, it takes New Horizons over four hours to return even small amounts of data.

Ever since that close encounter in July of 2015, New Horizons has steadily delivered stunning imagery. And, it will continue to do so for years. Eventually, the craft will disappear beyond communication into interstellar space. But, until then, Astronimate celebrates the groundbreaking mission with the top 10 New Horizons Pluto Pictures.

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