A Guide to Living Beyond Planet Earth

Take a hypothetical journey through our solar system, from the Sun all the way out to Pluto. Learn about what living on other planets would be like. Since we do not have the tools needed to live in such volatile environments, we must use our imagination. Despite the many hazards, we look deeply at days, nights, weather and more when living on other planets.

First, our journey takes us only a short distance from the scorching Sun to visit the inner rocky planets. Fiery and hostile climates, radiation and more make these planets quite unfriendly worlds. Therefore, survival tactics are of the utmost importance.

Next, we travel millions of miles to explore the gas and ice giants worlds. Now, far away from the Sun’s light, frigid realms create some of the solar system’s most mysterious places. Because of this, knowing your way around is key.

Finally, we descend to the far reaches of our cosmic home, into places never before explored. Barely in the Sun’s grasp, icy worlds like Pluto swirl around in pure darkness.

Living on other planets: Mercury

Mercury might be the smallest planet in the solar system, but do not be fooled! Closest to the Sun, Mercury is one of the hottest, most dangerous places around! So, see what life would be like on the smallest planet in the solar system, Mercury.

Living on other planets: Venus

Surprisingly, Venus is the hottest planet even though it’s farther from the Sun. Deadly greenhouse effects and radiation make it one scary world! So, find out what life would be like on our evil twin sister, Venus.

Living on other planets: The Moon

Obviously, the Moon is not a formal planet, but it’s worth exploring! But, being the only place outside of Earth that mankind has set foot, it is a world full of mystery and surprises. Find out what it would be like to actually live on the Moon.

Living on other planets: Mars

Named after the Roman god of war, our neighbor planet is a barren landscape. Not only is Mars a potential place of past life, but also a possible future home for mankind. So, find out what living on Mars would be like.

Living on other planets: Jupiter

Our solar system’s goliath, Jupiter, is a giant world, full of mystery and danger. Still, join the Juno spacecraft and see what life would be like on the king of all planets.

Living on other planets: Saturn

Surrounded by glamorous rings, Saturn is the solar system’s most famous planet. But, it’s also a world of shocking secrets and fascinating things. Find out what it would be like living on the ringed planet.

Living on other planets: Uranus

Finally, we enter the outer solar system. Uranus looks smooth and pleasant with a blue and green hue. However, it is one giant ball of ice and gas. See what life would be like on the ice giant, Uranus.

Living on other planets: Neptune

Named after god of the sea, Neptune is the most distant true planet. It’s also mysterious and deadly! See what life would be like on the ice giant, Neptune.

Living on other planets: The Sun

The mother of our entire solar system. Scorching hot and full of violent dangers. What would living on the Sun be like?