The Romantics of Quantum Entanglement

The Romantics of Quantum Entanglement

The Romantics of Quantum Entanglement: Our Eternal Chemical Bond


You could say the theory I am about to divulge is completely absurd, or ridiculous. And, you would be correct. But, I dare anybody to prove me wrong. See, that’s the beauty of quantum mechanics in this current age, it is all but completely unknown. In fact, a specific phenomenon, quantum entanglement, is possibly the most bazaar and least-understood results in science.

What is quantum entanglement?

Imagine two atoms, hydrogen for example. They are two separate pieces of matter, right? Well, under certain conditions, the two atoms are actually forever bonded. When one atom changes, spins, or anything else, so does the other. In fact, even from opposite ends of the universe, one atom affects the other.

Now, even more strange, this affect on the other happens instantly. And, not just extremely quickly, instantly. This is the only thing in the universe known to be faster than the speed of light. Plus, even the most brilliant minds in science have zero explanation.

Above all, science has confirm the results of entanglement countless times.

Romantics of Quantum Entanglement

Have you ever felt the stinging pain of a breakup? Ever felt the deep grief of losing a loved one? Most importantly, have you ever wondered why?

Something out-of-sight has not simply disappeared. Matter from each object may go elsewhere, but it is still matter. Therefore, deceased, alive, near or far, quantum entanglement still exists. If a family member passes away, your “eternally bonded” matter continues to intertwine. So, your lingering memories of them, or the random thoughts of them might not be random at all.

Also, quantum entanglement does not only apply to sad events. Missing a sister who has moved away, or the persisting feelings for a past love interest, are all causes of entanglement.

Where’s My Proof?

If it’s scientific evidence you seek, I have none. However, I do have first-hand experience. Inevitably, you have misplaced an item, say a five dollar bill, never to see it again. You have also lost a pet, or a friend, or a family member. Ask yourself, which loss left a long-term sadness. Which loss caused you to cry? Sure, you may find yourself wishing you had that five dollars when you go to order a pizza. But, when a beloved person goes away, you experience real and deep emotions.

To experience this is to experience quantum entanglement. The atoms that make up your body are pairs of matter that you share with another person. And, regardless of what happens, or where you go, your chemical bond lives forever. Regardless of my obvious lack of scientific evidence, I repeat, I dare anybody to prove me wrong.

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