About Astronimate

About Astronimate

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The one thing to know about Astronimate is that we live for making the vast beautiful universe easy to understand for people of all ages and skill-levels!

Whether you actively study the stars, or have never even picked up a science book, astronomy is fascinating. Every single one of us is mystified by the how vast, mysterious and complex our universe is. If we could, we would love to know the answers to all of its secrets, because that would, in turn, explain us and everything we know in life.

But, the reality is that we do not even know where to start looking for these answers. And, even if we tried, we automatically assume we could not understand them. We assume that if we are not employed by NASA, or we did not major in astrophysics, we could never comprehend astronomy. This is an incorrect assumption!

So, maybe not all of us could understand the complex math or deep physical pieces of space. Guess what, neither can rocket scientists, astrophysicists, or even Albert Einstein! Humans, in general may never completely understand how the universe works. But, we can absolutely get to know the fascinating abridged versions, and the overall concepts of space.

This is Astronimate’s area of expertise. We search for answers, we do the research, we do the reading, the watching. Then, we take these complex ideas and give them to you in simple, layman’s terms so you can truly understand them. Astronimate essentially gives you the Cliff’s Notes for the universe.


About Astronimate Articles

Our articles are custom-made to help you dive deeper into an astronomy topic and still be able to understand it well. Each article is broken down piece-by-piece, to completely cover what you need to know about a topic. We reinforce your learning with diagrams, pictures and more.


About Astronimate Lists

Sometimes, you don’t even have to read an article to learn the basics of something in astronomy. Astronimate’s ranked lists give you the highlight reel for something interesting in the universe. We bring you exciting top 10 lists, collections of cool facts and more. Each list item has its own interesting picture and quick blurb explaining the item.


About Astronimate Quizzes

Do you want to put your mind to the test? Astronimate’s quizzes gauge your knowledge of this vast universe. We provide quizzes for all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. As you answer each question, you immediately know whether or not you were correct, and we give you a helpful explanation about the answer. Plus, once you’ve completed a quiz, you immediately find out what ranking you achieved: newbie, novice, amateur, pro and expert. We even provide additional options to study up and ace the test if you did not get all of the answers correct!


About Astronimate Videos

Astronimate creates fun, short animated videos about certain astronomy topics. Our videos typically cover an important topic that is simply easier to learn by watching in video form. Each video is designed to be less than five minutes long so you never have to sit through an entire film to learn something cool.


About Astronimate News

 We have all heard about something involving astronomy on the news that we were intrigued by, but could not understand. If something current and news-worthy is happening in astronomy, Astronimate explains it in simple terms. We also use pictures and videos to make sure you easily understand, so you can stay up-to-date with our constantly changing universe.


About Astronimate Astro Dictionary

Our Astronomy Dictionary helps you along your entire journey to learn about the universe. At any time, you can access the Dictionary in our main navigation menu and search terms alphabetically. But, you can also hover over the underlined words in news, articles, lists and quizzes to read a quick definition. Whenever you see a term you are unfamiliar with, it most likely has a squiggly line underneath. Simply hover over the word, or tap it on a mobile device to reveal the definition without even leaving the page!