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Hot Jupiters

By astronimate / last year

Hot Jupiters are a class of exoplanet that are similar in size and composition to planet Jupiter, but orbit extremely close to their parent star. They are also referred to as “roaster planets.”

siva prakash - 4 weeks ago

I’ve been wondering…!Are all massive planets gasy? Because most planents whose sizes greater than earth are gas giants(say Jupiter,saturn,neptune etc..)..Is there something like a supermassive rocky earth like planet,which scientists have discovered?

    astronimate - 4 weeks ago

    Great question! It’s thought that when a solar system forms, the newly formed star (aka Sun) blasts the atmosphere off the young planets with its stellar winds and radiation. Farther out planets take on less of the heat and wind and retain large, thick gaseous atmospheres. Though, they typically still have a rocky core at their centers!

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