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Apollo 11 Moon Landing: 48 Years Later
August 11, 2016 / By astronimate
Colorado Meteor Explosion in Morning Skies
August 3, 2016 / By astronimate


The universe has been around for nearly 14 billion years, but, it’s still changing every day. That’s a lot of astronomy news to keep up with! It’s also very complex to understand. Astronimate delivers astronomy news to you in terms that we can all comprehend, so you can stay up-to-date on the cosmos and not have to break your brain.

Astronimate brings you up-to-date news about the universe that you can actually understand. It’s no secret that with astronomical news comes complex astronomical theories, equations and more. But, if we have to refer to any of these, we will always break them down and explain them in layman’s terms that make sense.

In most situations, we provide multiple ways of learning about a specific topic. If you watch a video, read a ranked list and take a quiz, it’s likely that you at least feel confident about something! The universe is complex, even the most brilliant minds spend years sometimes thinking about things to make sense of them. If it were easy, then the universe would be a very boring place. But, it’s not, it’s spectacularly fascinating. Our news keeps you updated on every one of its remarkable changes along the way!