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Top 8 Fascinating Electroweak Era Facts

Top 8 Fascinating Electroweak Era Facts

electroweak era facts

electroweak era facts

Electroweak Era Facts #8: Still a very young universe

The Electroweak Era occurs three full epochs after the big bang. However, this is only fractions of a second later according to human timescales. Therefore, the universe is still incredibly new and young. In fact, it is only one duodecillionth of a second old. In other words, a “1” followed by 39 zeros!

Electroweak Era Facts #7: It’s going to be a bit toasty out today!

During the Electroweak Era, temperatures have technically “cooled.” However, the climate still swells at over 18 quadrillion degrees. In other words, the average temperature in the universe is hot enough to easily melt any metal. Actually, it’s hot enough to easily melt any known substance on Earth!

Electroweak Era Facts #6: Only exotic particles allowed

Previously, epochs were too hot and dense to allow any matter. But, the Electroweak Era sees a massive spike in energy. As a result very basic and very exotic particles suddenly come into existence. Today, we refer to this breed of particles as a boson. However, these rare particles only last for fractions of a second before disappearing again.

Electroweak Era Facts #5: Force-carriers…unite!

During the Electroweak Era, “normal” matter still does not exist. No neutrons, no electrons, no atoms. However, exotic versions of basic particles, known as bosons, do temporarily exist (see #6). Actually, these particles are known as “force-carriers,” because they transport the four fundamental forces (electromagnetism, gravity, weak and strong nuclear force).

Electroweak Era Facts #4: Going through a growth spurt

Rapid and dramatic inflation of the universe occurred during the Electroweak Era. Charged matter suddenly expanded and grew tremendously. In fact the universe grew from smaller than a single atom, to the size of a grapefruit, instantly! In other words, the universe grew by a factor of one-vigintillion! That’s a “1” followed by 70 zeros!

Electroweak Era Facts #3: Yet another VERY short epoch!

Naturally, we humans think of “eras,” or “epochs,” as long drawn-out time periods. However, in the case of the universe, they are often very short. In fact, the entire Electroweak Era only lasts for only 10-octillionths of a single second! That is to say, “10” followed by 28 zeros!

Electroweak Era Facts #2: Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The four fundamental forces!

Nowadays, we learn about four fundamental forces of the universe in high school science class. In other words, electromagnetism, gravity, weak and strong nuclear force. However, when the universe was only a baby, conditions were purely chaotic. In fact, the universe was so hot and dense that all four forces were merged at one point! Slowly, each force breaks free and becomes unique and independent. Finally, during the Electroweak Era, the last two remaining forces separate (electromagnetism and weak nuclear force). Now, the four forces we know today are born!

Electroweak Era Facts #1: Finally, we can see! Sort of.

At this time, a new invisible energy field in the universe is causing mass inflation (seeOfficially, the Electroweak Era is the first universe epoch that humans have observed. Actually, it has only been observed through math and physics. However, even these tools are meaningless for previous eras. During the electroweak era, science and math begin to accurately describe predictions and behaviors for the first time.

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