Astronimate takes the most complex and fascinating things about space and explains them to you in easy to understand astronomy articles.



We all want to know more about the universe. After all, it’s where we live, it’s where we were created, it’s a giant mystery. But, how many times have you read into a topic about the universe and been left completely confused? Our goal is to change that and leave you feeling informed about space, astronomy and more!

The truth is that no human being “gets” space, because it’s so much bigger than we are. But, there’s no reason that all of us can’t understand some of its complexities. Astronimate’s astronomy articles are specifically written so any person can walk away with the feeling of I get that.

We only use layman’s terms. If something gets too deep, we always explain it and use images and/or videos to help bring it home. Plus, if ever you should have lingering questions, chances are, we have a video, list or quiz about the topic.